Bút chì Staedtler Wopex 180-HB / 2B / 2H Pencil Khắc 3D

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Bút chì Staedtler Wopex 180- có 3 độ cứng: 2B, 2H, HB. Vỏ bằng nhựa có nhiều màu



More innovation:

  • The first pencil made out of WOPEX, the new natural fibre material made from 70% wood - top quality for writing, drawing and sketching
  • Distinguished with the DESIGN PLUS material vision award
  • Available in HB, 2B or 2H degree
  • Naturally MADE IN GERMANY

More ecology:

  • Significantly higher utilisation of wood per tree
  • Manufactured using PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed German forests 
  • Completely solvent-free production procedure

More comfort:

  • With non-slip, velvety soft surface
  • Particularly break-resistant, smooth-gliding lead
  • The innovative, homogenous WOPEX material ensures exceptionally smooth and even sharpening results with any quality sharpener, e.g. STAEDTLER tub sharpener 511 004
  • Writing and drawings are easy to erase

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