Dao NT L-500GP Cutter Japan

Xuất xứ: 
Nhãn hiệu: 
Giá bán: 
150,000 VND

Thông tin chi tiết

Dao NT L-500GP Cutter Japan, lưỡi dao lớn 18mm, vặn chốt khóa lưỡi khi sử dụng,




  • Heavy duty snap off blade utility knife

  • Blade Size: 18mm

  • Screw-Lock system

  • Stainless steel blade-sliding-track

  • Aluminum die-cast anti-slip grip

  • Electrical-acrylic metal coated

  • With built-in blade snapper

  • Made of recycled materials

  • # of blade included: 1

  • Replacement blade: BL-150P, BL-10P or BL-50P

    (BL-51P, BL-3000-ON, BSL-11P, BSL-21P and SAW-5P are also applicable)

  • Cutting material: Cardboard, rubber, leather, corkboard, acetates, linoleum, carpet, thin veneer,foam board, etc.

  • Good for DIY projects, construction such as drywall, roofing, flooring, Industrial application, warehouses, factories, etc

  • Made in Japan (TAA designated)

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