Dao NT A-250 Cutter Japan

Xuất xứ: 
Nhãn hiệu: 
Giá bán: 
60,000 VND

Thông tin chi tiết

Dao NT A-250 Cutter Japan, lưỡi dao nhỏ 9mm.



  • Standard duty snap off blade utility knife

  • Blade Size: 9mm

  • Features an automatic blade lock

  • Stainless steel blade-sliding-track

  • Chemical/heat resistant Polypropylene grip

  • With built-in blade snapper

  • Designed for right and left handed use

  • # of blade included: 1

  • Replacement blade: BA-160, BA-50P

    (BA-50SS, BAD-21P, BA-51P, BA-53P and BA-40000-ON are also applicable)

  • Cutting Material: Paper, wallpaper, card stock, vinyl, film, shrink-wrap, etc.

  • Good for craft & hobby projects, professional artists or installers, factories, etc.

  • Good at chemical goods processing factories, etc.

  • Made in Japan (TAA designated)

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